The WBHA board is comprised of 4 officers, 1 charter delegate, 6 members on the Board of Directors, and 2 alternate directors.
  1. Kim Turner, President
    Kim Turner, President
  2. Todd Foltz, Vice President
    Todd Foltz, Vice President
  3. Lise Graham, Treasurer
    Lise Graham, Treasurer
  4. Allison Dunne, Secretary
    Allison Dunne, Secretary
Board of Directors:
Michelle Calkins ([email protected])
Todd Steindorf ([email protected])
Barb Szpek ([email protected])
Dawn Scully ([email protected])
Dan Grunewald ([email protected])
Karen Grunewald ([email protected])

Alternate Directors:
Missy Baker ([email protected])
Deb Calnin ([email protected])

Board Members: 
Kim Turner, President ([email protected])
Todd Foltz, Vice President ([email protected])
Lise Graham, Treasurer ([email protected])
Allison Dunne, Secretary ([email protected])

Charter Delegate:
Ann Grotzke ([email protected])